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Por favor contacte YVEA
al 970-879-1160

Ready to get your rebate?


Have the following ready for filling out your rebate:


  • Have your 10 digit YVEA Account Number
  • Have your service and billing address handy
  • Have a copy of your receipt(s) handy
  • You will need a smart phone, digital camera, iPad or scanner to submit an image of your receipt.  (You may also submit receipts from vendors if saved in PDF or JPEG formats.)
  • You may need the name of your energy auditor or audit company.


Common Mistakes:

  • Make sure your images are saved as .jpg and are not too big,  there is a 10 MB limit to uploads. If your image is too large, your rebate may not be processed.
  • Once you complete your rebate, don't forget to check for other rebates available.


If you do not receive your rebate within 8 weeks please contact or call 970-871-9299


Tenant/Landlord Sign-off Form:

If you purchased items eligible for Cen$ible Energy® rebates, but the YVEA service is not in your name, please use this FORM to obtain the landlord’s or YVEA account holder’s permission for the rebate check to be returned to you as the item purchaser.


Choose the Rebate you would like to apply for:


Although we encourage using our online forms, we have provided PDF Downloads at this link, to print and drop off your completed rebate at your local YVEA.